Picking a Good Credit Card for Students

Is it a coincidence that my oldest daughter will return from her session in South Africa this week plus a fresh batch of credit-card offers addressed to her has just arrived in my mail box? I think not!


The card companies just don't quit. Actually, they're on something of a bender. Charge card solicitations are way up, as are enticements to sign in the dotted line. Now is a particularly great time for card businesses to reach university students who might be thinking forward to the fast approaching college year and at home getting cash from a summer work.


Ordinarily, I summarily chuck any credit-card offers to my young-adult kids, adolescent and, gulp. Both have a bank account using a linked debit card, that is the safest and cheapest way while enjoying the ease of plastic I've discovered for them to have access to their own money.


But my oldest entering her senior year and you will be is almost 22. It is time for her to begin creating a credit account (more on this in my subsequent post), along with the right credit card may be the greatest approach to take about this. So for the very first time in four years I am really holding onto to 1 of the offerings, which I'll tell her and discuss the moment she gets home.


How come presently time for her to begin taking a charge card? She is managed her finances well, maybe not ideal, but well enough the past couple of years and is cozy shopping in shops and on-line with her bank card, restricting and monitoring her spending and reducing ATM fees. Living off-campus she has also become comfortable with regular bills like electrical and cable. So she is prepared to manage a card that creates a statement every month.


Which card can I propose she apply for? For a few intelligent choices I spoke with Mike Stevens, owner of Credit Flare, a credit & finance resource site. He proposed three:


Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card


Among a number of other appealing features, this card does not have any annual fee, a 0% opening rate on purchases for 7 months, 5% cash back on purchases for the very first 6 months, 2% cash back when investing in particular classes, and fraud and security protections.


Discover Student Card


This card features no annual fee, a 0% opening rate on purchases for the first six months, 5% cash back in particular classes, boundless 1% cash back on all purchases after spending $3,000 for the year, and 5% to 20% cash back while shopping online at the merchants at ShopDiscover.


Capital One Journey Student Rewards Card


Among this card's appealing characteristics aren't any annual fee, 1% cash back on all purchases, 25% reward to the cash back you make every month, and the capacity to redeem your cash rewards in the appearance of the check, statement credit or gift card and also to really get your own cash rewards anytime


For additional credit card reviews including cash back credit cards, flight rewards cards and business credit cards, visit






5 Secrets to Help Keep Your Identity Safe

Were you aware that victims of identity theft report spending more than 80 hours and near $ 600 to solve issues regarding the theft? That's what a Nationwide survey showed--and it's the reason why it's essential to be sure burglars don't have the opportunity to steal your information in the first place. These easy measures may assist you to protect your identity if you're at home or on the road:

  1. Shred identifying papers. Make use of a crosscut shredder to destroy any printed account statements, receipts or promotional credit offers before you throw them away. Many identity thieves gain the info that they need merely by going through their victims' litter.
  2. Review your personal credit report frequently. As well as reviewing your monthly account statements promptly, take the required time to buy a free credit history every year from each of the three credit reporting agencies. You don't need to order them all at the same time. Consider ordering your free report from Equifax one month, Experian four months later and TransUnion four months after it to get a better perspective of the credit activity through the year.
  3. Use protection and encryption programs on your personal computer and digital data. In addition to installing a firewall on your own personal computer network, be certain to password protect your wireless service at home--and don't transmit private information over open wireless networks like these at most restaurants and resorts. Also, take the simple measure of password protecting your smart-phone and personal computer, screensaver and any files that comprise personal or financial data.
  4. Stay aware of your surroundings. At the ATM or checkout counter, block the keypad from view with your hand or body. Take your receipt if you leave. Moreover, be careful not to discard receipts or identifying files in view of others. And be careful about providing your account number or password to anybody over the telephone, particularly if you are where others can hear you.
  5. Consider ID Theft Coverage. That's correct. A credit monitoring service such as Lifelock, Privacy Guard, or Trusted ID can assist you to protect yourself from further harm and recover your information, should you choose to end up being the victim of identity theft. 





How to Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rates

credit card photo

Charge card companies offer different rates of interest, or "APRs," depending on the type of card you have. Clients with exceptional credit scores qualify for the very best rates offered. 

Persons with bad credit might be eligible for high-interest credit cards or alternatives, including secured credit cards. You may take several measures to obtain a lower interest, for those who are in possession of a higher interest in your charge cards.

Call Your Credit Card Companies

One-way to obtain a lower rate of interest rate in your existing credit-card accounts would be to call the business and request a decrease. Consumers are frequently surprised by how well this type of petition works to get them a lower rate of interest rate.

To request a reduced rate out of your own credit card firm, get ready for the decision ahead of time. Understand just what you're going to request in the phone call. Some individuals even create a script for that phone. Through the call, you'll have to obtain access to the individual who has the ability to alter your interest. As soon as you've got access to the ability, clearly say your request and await the answer.


Navigating to the individual with the ability to make the rate of interest change is just about the most ambitious facet of the phone call. To access the individual, call the customer support number to your charge card business and also make contact with a live operator. Should they got the ability to decrease your interest merely request the client support representative. They'll likely answer, "No." Request to speak with a manager or a different individual who has the ability to cut your rate. You'll finally be associated with the essential individual.

Clarify that you just desire to possess the interest in the card lowered, whenever you talk together with the essential individual. If you're facing extenuating circumstances, like a significant lifestyle change, state these problems as grounds for requesting the reduced rates. Describe to the representative that decreasing the interest would lessen your monthly expenses. In The End, say your planned rate of interest. It's additionally a great thought to get some competition provides. You can mention these offerings to see whether they could be matched by the representative.
Establish ahead of time your goal rate of interest. Although the representative will likely counteroffer using an interest rate somewhat higher, request for that rate. However, opportunities are that they'll lower it several points. Any decrease in interest costs is cash in your own pocket.

Transfer Balances

Investigate competing offers for balance transfer charge cards, if your own credit card company won't lower your rates. Usually, the reduced interest rates provided for these incentives increases following the very first year. Ensure the secondyear interest rate is below your present high interest card.

Should you seldom apply your card, or in case you don't take a balance, the charge card firm doesn't have any incentive to work beside you to really hold your company. 
Furthermore, in the event you consistently use your cards, the charge card company doesn't need to end up losing your company by means of a balance transfer.


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